Practical! Let us advise you on milling, turning, programming, inserting cutting tools, and handling our products. Our process-oriented and integrated machining technology solutions and our proactive services make us the ideal partner for the mid-tier.

Core competences of HB microtec are:
· Creation of customized special cutting tools
· Design of cutting processes and cutting tools
· Special tool drawings and project planning
· Machining process optimization
· Application technology
· CNC and CAM programming
· CNC – process and runtime optimization
· Training: Turning, milling, drilling
· Basic turning or milling tests
· Feasibility analyses and experiments at our own technology center
· Prototype production

At HB microtec we are very familiar with the processes of machining technology and can provide you with expert advice and assistance. We combine theory and practice in cooperation with the competence center for machining at our technology center. This allows you to use our know-how efficiently.

Expect innovative ideas, practical solutions, and absolute perfection.

Viktor Horn
Managing Director
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Managing Director
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Melanie Bede
Finance and accounting
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Monika Loegler
Assistance of Managing Director
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Daniel Mayer
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Josef Duttenhöfner
Service Techniker

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Service machining technologist
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Competence Center for
  University campus Tuttlingen   UL system solutions, CAM
programming, and milling
BOKA automation   Comara AppCom
Büchele SF-Systeme   SolidCam   GibbsCAM        



TECHNOLOGY CENTER starting August 2018
We distinguish ourselves from our market companions primarily through our technology center in collaboration with the Competence Center for Machining of the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences in Tuttlingen. We are happy to produce an information-supplying zero series on request, to allow all parameters including the tool costs  to be incorporated in your calculation.

We offer the following training courses:

· Turning Levels I to III
· Milling Levels I to III
· Operation training and product training of our “Star * and SW” machines
· Product training cutting tools
· Individualized machining training and tests
· Programming Courses NC – FOX and HFT (High-Frequency-Turning)

Basic cutting tests:
· Feasibility assessments
· Material tests
· Tool tests

See for yourself. The latest machine models are ready for demonstration at our Technology Center in Tuttlingen.

HB microtec GbR
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